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Cesare Borgia
Biographical information

13 September 1475
Rome, Papal States


12 March 1507
Viana, Kingdom of Navarre (aged 31)

Time period

Italian Renaissance

Political information

House of Borgia
The Papacy


François Arnaud

"Pope Alexander VI: He had an unfortunate accident.

Vanozza: Cesare?

Pope Alexander VI: No. Giovanni Sforza. He...fell... onto a knife...that Cesare happened to be holding."

Cesare Borgia is one of the main characters in The Borgias. Contrary to historical facts, he is presented as the eldest son to Rodrigo Borgia and Vanozza Dei Cattenei, brother to Juan Borgia, Joffre Borgia, and Lucrezia Borgia.



In season 1 Cesare Borgia has dark brown, wavy, side-parted hair down to his shoulders. He has green/hazel eyes, a weak mustache and beard. He's tall and slim, usually wearing leather trousers and a black formal shirt with a vest or his cardinal gown.

In season 2 his hair becomes significantly curlier and is parted in the middle. This might, however, be a result of the prevailing fashion of that period.


Cesare is the conflicted yet ruthless son of Rodrigo Borgia. Most of the time he is arrogant, serious and without mercy. At other times he is temperate and compassionate. He holds quite a disturbing love for his sister, Lucrezia.

He is characterized by great intelligence, sharp wit, and high self-esteem. Overall he is an even more cunning leader than his father, but his greatest weakness is that he lacks Rodrigo's great patience.

Cesare is also a brilliant tactician, warrior, and manipulator, which makes him more suitable for the position of the Captain General of the papal army than Juan. His awareness of his superiority over his brother, makes Cesare bitter towards both his father and Juan for the post he has to hold.


  • Lucrezia Borgia - Cesare's only sister, whom he dearly loves. It appears that she is the only person who can bring out Cesare's softer side and who he is completely and constantly loyal to. His attachment leads to an incestous relationship in Season 3. It begins and ends rather abruptly with Cesare leaving to find a bride in France at the request of his father. However, he later admits to loving Lucrezia to his new bride, foreshadowing, that he will always have feelings for Lucrezia.
  • Rodrigo Borgia - The father of Cesare, who appears to be very demanding and strict towards his children. Rodrigo and Cesare share a complicated relationship, mostly because of their father-son link as well as their thirst for power. On one hand, Cesare wants to be loyal to his father and tries his best to fulfill all his wishes like a good son would. On the other hand, he's often displeased by Rodrigo's will but he hardly expresses it.
  • Ursula Bonadeo - A married woman whom Cesare meets during Lucrezia's wedding and is instantly enchanted by. Ursula makes it clear that those feelings are mutual and pleads Cesare to free her from her husband. Borgia's fascination with the woman quickly changes into obsession, which leads to a tragic outcome.
  • Juan Borgia - Cesare's younger brother and second eldest son of Rodrigo. His relationship with Cesare is a complicated one. At first, despite various tense situations between them, they manage to cooperate quite successfully (to help their father mostly). However, as the story progresses, new conflicts arise and gradually break them apart. In season 2, Juan is also at odds with Lucrezia, which only fuels Cesare's antipathy and mistrust towards his brother. Their tumultous relationship ends when Cesare kills him in Season 2. He pushes his body off a bridge after he stabs him with a sword, telling him "Only God forgives. We are Borgias, we NEVER forgive."
  • Charlotte D'Albret - French wife
  • Juan's dagger from The Borgias! Wielded by Juan Borgia. This authentic replica Blade, as featured in Showtime's The Borgias, is the collectible wielded by Juan Borgia, Captain General of the Papal Army.