Giovanni Sforza was the husband of Lucrezia Borgia, daughter of Pope Alexander VI. Despite Lucrezia's hope's to

Giovanni Sforza
Giovanni Sforza
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27 July 1510 Pesaro

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Italian Renaissance (15th century)

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House of Sforza


Ronan Vibert

have a marriage filled with love Giovanni had no such feelings towards Lucrezia; Taking her virginity by force and beating her. Lucrezia later found solice in a stable boy named Paolo whom she convinced to loosen her husbands saddle so he would fall and break his leg thus ending her marital duties. His marriage is annuled due to his impotence in March 1497. He is later killed by Lucrezia's brother Cesare. He later gives her the knife used to kill Giovanni claiming that although he promised her his heart on a dinner platter that he hoped a knife bathed in his blood would sufice. 

Relationship with Lucrezia BorgiaEdit

Giovanni and Lucrezia at their wedding

Giovanni and Lucrezia's at their Wedding.

Giovanni and Lucrezia were married but they were not in love. Lucrezia had hoped that they could learn to love each other but is soon convinced otherwise when she see's what a brutal and harsh man Giovanni is. She arranges to have him injured and starts a liason with a stable boy named Paolo. Signifying that she feels no loyalty to him. She later flee's with Giulia Farnese after finding out she is pregnant with Paolo's son. She is later reluctant to marry again due to the abuse she suffered while married to Sforza.

Relationship with Caterina SforzaEdit

Giovanni with Caterina

Giovanni with his cousin Caterina

Caterina Sforza is Giovanni Sforza's cousin. They show that they are close by allowing her to negotiate Giovanni's marriage to Lucrezia and by her mourning his death. They are shown in the show to be close with their other cousin the Duke of Milan, Caterina saying they had made a pact to support each other and fight their mutual enemies. Caterina and Giovanni appear to be traitorous, lying and bloodthirsty, although it should be pointed out that these appelations can also be ascribed to their enemies. Giovanni is also less intelligent nowhere near as politically savvy as Caterina.