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Lucrezia Borgia
Biographical information

18 April 1480
Rome, Italy


24 June 1519
Ferrara (aged 39)

Time period

Italian Renaissance (15th century)

Political information

House of Borgia


Holliday Grainger

Lucrezia Borgia is the only daughter to Rodrigo Borgia and Vanozza Dei Cattenei. She is a sister to Cesare Borgia, Juan Borgia, and Joffre Borgia, and, later on, the mother of Giovanni Borgia.

Lucrezia is a beautiful, intelligent young lady, with a sharp mind and charming personality. She possesses many skills, such as violin-playing and dancing, and comes to the aid of her family on a number of occasions.


Lucrezia has long, blonde hair that is about to her waist and a pale complexion. She has blue eyes and always wears a beautiful gown.


At the beginning of the first season Lucrezia is presented as a charming, pure, and naive teenager - the most cheerful member of the Borgia family. She is very trusting and optimistic. However, throughout the course of the story she is painfully faced with the harsh reality of being a Borgia. Out of political purposes, she is forced to marry a much older man who appears to be not as gallant as she hopes him to be. This marriage and her husband's approach drastically change her attitude towards life and men in particular. She becomes more serious, melancholic, diplomatic, and even deceptive and cunning.


  • Cesare - Lucrezia's oldest brother (contrary to historical facts), and the closest member of her family. She treats him not only as her sibling but also as a best friend, confidant, and most important person in her life. They seem to have an unique bond, which appears to be on the verge of an unconditional, boundless sibling love and incest. Historically, these two were rumoured to be lovers, however, this has never been confirmed by any reliable sources. In Season 3 their relationship becomes incestous. It ends rather abruptly when Cesare leaves for France to find a bride at his father's command.
  • Giovanni Sforza - Lucrezia's first husband. At first, Lucrezia is full of hopes towards her arranged spouse, believing they will learn how to love each other and that they can actually be happy together. To her dismay, she learns very soon that Giovanni is a brute who has no respect for women and does not hesitate to use physical force against them. She seeks an annulment, under the circumstances that he is impotent. This is not the case, but with her father being the Pope, it was very easily granted. 
  • Paolo "Narcissus" - Paolo is a groom at Giovanni's court, who Lucrezia meets right after her arrival at her husband's home. Touched by his young features, gentle hands, and kind demeanour, Lucrezia very soon gets attracted to the boy and they become lovers. In Season 2, Paolo sets off for Rome to see Lucrezia. However, when he gets there he is killed by Lucrezia's brother Juan. Juan tried to make the death look like a suicide with a suicide note. However, Lucreiza knew that Paolo was illiterate, thus proving that he was murdered. He recieves a Catholic funeral and Lucrezia is able to say goodbye.
  • Juan Borgia - Lucrezia's second older brother. In season 1, Lucrezia's approach towards Juan is just like towards any other member of her family - loving and trustful. In season 2, however, due to Juan's egoistical actions (whose outcomes are severly harmful to Lucrezia), her feelings rapidly and drastically change, making her one of his enemies.


  • Her favourite animal is a seahorse.