The Assassin
Season 1, Episode 2
The-borgias S01E02 the-assassin
Air date April 10, 2011
Written by Neil Jordan
Directed by Neil Jordan
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Episode SynopsisEdit

Rodrigo Borgia starts to use his new title of Pope to his advantage. Cesare enlists Micheletto to spy on Cardinal della Rovere, who seeks to find a legal way to depose Rodrigo as pope. He is advised by scholar Johannes Burchard that a pope who engages in "public and notorious lechery" could be deposed. Rodrigo begins an affair with Giulia Farnese, provoking the outrage of his former mistress, Vanozza, and threatening to provide della Rovere with just the evidence he needs. On Micheletto's information, the pope corners Burchard and demands his support in expanding the College of Cardinals to shore up his position. Cesare sets Micheletto to work preventing della Rovere and a witness from presenting evidence against the pope.