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The Borgias in Love
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date April 24, 2011
Written by Neil Jordan
Directed by Neil Jordan
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Lucrezia's Wedding
The French King

Episode Synopsis[]

Lucrezia is very unhappy with her brutish husband, and the pope is tormented by nightmares about her. Giulia Farnese, the pope's mistress, unexpectedly confesses her affection for Cesare. After Florence, Della Rovere tries to secure safe passage for French troops from the Sforza Duke of Milan. Cesare follows to Florence, offering the Medici an inquisition against the preacher Savonarola, in exchange for denying free passage to the French. Lucrezia flirts with a handsome young servant. The Borgias are soliciting suitable brides for Juan. Cesare kills Ursula Bonadeo's husband.