Ursula Bonadeo
Ursula Bonadeo1
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Italian Renaissance

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House of Bonadeo


Ruta Gedmintas

Ursula Bonadeo is a minor character in The Borgias, a love interest of Cesare. She is first presented at Lucrezia's wedding and that's where she meets Cesare. She is a married woman, however, it appears that she's fairly happy by her husband's side. After his death she becomes a nun known as sister Martha.


Ursula had long, blond hair parted in the middle, blue eyes, pale complexion, and a slim figure. As an upper class lady, she often wears fancy dresses with rich embroidery. After becoming a nun, she had her hair cut short and puts on a habit.

Ursula Bonadeo nun

Ursula as a nun


Ursula appears to be a warm and kind-hearted person, often helping the poor. Due to her difficult married life she gets into an affair with Cesare. After her husband's death she has great pangs of conscience, which push her to the decision of becoming a nun - a punishment for her unfaithfulness.